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Postcards from Last Summer

Postcards From Last Summer - Roz Bailey Cute Book. It follows 4 friends from tweens through their late twenties as they navigate the roads of romance and friendship during their summers in the Hamptons.

Lindsay is the main character whois the only one whose chapters are narrated in first person. She seems to be the heart and soul of the group. I loved the aspects of the book that revolved around Lindsay. Her family are not the super rich Hamptonites that everyone immediately thinks of when they hear the term 'The Hamptons'. But rather her grandparents bought their house back when the area was mostly farmland and before it became 'The Hamptons'. A lucky piece of real estate that is still lived in --full of her big Irish family. Her mother is the mother figure for all of Lindsay's and her brothers' friends. Their house has an open door and is a ready refuge for anyone in need. The scenes of people gathered around the huge table, eating her mom's cooking, joking with each other and getting sage advice were great.

Darcy is one of Lindsay's best friends. She is the stereotypical Hamptonite. Rich, spoiled, Blonde, tan, and with a lot of the 'mean girls' spirit roiling around inside her. You want to dislike Darcy at first. But she actually has the best redemptive arc in the story. She grows up and out of her spoiled brat ways in a manner that felt really believable.

Tara is the African-American princess who tries to live up to her mother's exacting standards. Of them all, I thought Tara's story arc was both the most frustrating and greatly satisfying. Frustrating because much of it was mired in racial identity issues that often plagues non-whites in some stories. But satisfying because I was happiest at her happy ending.

And finally there was Elle who was absent for a lot of the first part of the book except as a reference or remembrance. She kinda hovered over the story in a way that felt almost too influential for someone who hasn't been a real part of the girls' set since she was about 14. But when she returns she does so in grand fashion and quickly and effectively re-inserts herself into the circle of her friends.

This book is the quintessential beach-book in more ways than one. It is a fun, fast chick-lit book with lots of romance and everyone gets a Happy ending. A little light on the character development and the conflicts were almost non-existent. Even so it went down real quick and easy.