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After the Fire (The Firefighter Trilogy, #1)

After the Fire (The Firefighter Trilogy, #1) - Kathryn Shay The good parts of this book were very good:

The detail of the job of firefighters. When the book when there is was great. Not too much, not too teachy, rather just the right amount of excitement and danger so that you know you aren't reading a book where the characters aren't artificial flavoring fire-fighers.

The romance between Jenny and Grady was great. It was a pitch perfect friends-to-lovers story, where given their background, you had to wonder why they never tried before. They have been friends since they were five years old. They live next door to each other in a side-by-side duplex where they cut the wall out between the two houses and built a french door so they have access to each other's houses easily. It is a no-brainer why their other relationships never worked out. Nobody could match the connection they had with each other even when it was only a friendship one. But it was well done how freaked out they got when they started to think of each other that way.

The ensemble of characters were also great. The big Malvaso family, which was close and loving but full of neurosis was fun to read about. I also am gratified that Zach's ex-wife was a good, decent person but not a noble martyr. Good for her sticking to her guns.

But not so fantastic parts are what dragged the book a bit, though.

I never understood why Zach was the way he was. There was nothing to explain his demons.

Infidelity was rampant in this book.

Mitch was a bit of a wuss. I just wanted him to put on his big-boy pants and deal with is wife.

Megan was a Mary Sue. She was just too perfect, imo.

Mitch's wife was a cardboard monster. We know we are supposed to not like her to clear the way for Mitch and Megan, but really she could have used some depth.

There are two other books in the series but I probably won't follow up.