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If You Dare (Taken #2) - Aliyah Burke So as I began read this book, I was very happy. Aliyah Burke is a good writer with a natural story-telling ability. The book started out strongly with a nice set-up, good dialogue and some great understated humor.

And then...it just went all pear-shaped. I think the biggest issue here is that this small form novella tried to be a bigger, full-sized novel but it didn't quite work. You simply can't do justice to a story that tries to fit in a full-sized romance (including break-up/make-up conflict), plus work-place drama, plus secondary characters into approx. 77 pages. Something has to get sacrificed and in this case it was the character and story development.

In fact the entire story is a testment to telling and not showing. We are told a lot of stuff happens but we never get to see it actually happening.

For instance, apparently the two main characters, Katrhyn & Justin, have such a major argument that it is enough to cause him to leave off his pursuit of her. Except...I don't remember the argument actually happening. I was sure I had inadvertently used a finger swipe on my kindle touch and advanced a chapter thereby missing a major development. I hadn't though.

Overall it gave the story a the feeling of being all surface with very little depth.

So I'd give this one a skip and recommend some of her longer titles instead, especially Connelly's Flame (The Megalodon Team, #3).