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Jack & Diane - Lena Hampton

I think I should have liked this more than I did. The writing was good, with a nice natural humor and dialogue. And yet, I couldn't seem to love it.

The book is rather G-rated, the love scenes are definitely fade to black/closed door -- which honestly is not a bad thing. Although I like my romances quite a bit spicier, I thought this was a nice change of pace from the all the NC-17 books that seem to proliferate.

Also the author establishes that J&D have a relationship with God. When God was first mentioned I got a bit twitchy. I don't do inspirational romances. It is a personal preference, but I just don't want God in my romance novels. However outside of establishing it as an aspect of their characters via a couple of mentions, it isn't really explored at all.

I did like the relationship between the two characters. I do think the falling in love part happened a little too fast for my taste. But I did enjoy their conversations which is where I think the book excelled. I also liked the different characters' facebook status updates.

My biggest con of the book, and probably why I didn't like more that I did, is that I think the drama felt manufactured. The characters fell in love quickly and liked each other so there was no real conflict for them. The author did not create any internal conflict that stopped them from completely engaging with each other, so she made the conflict external. But it didn't feel believable. Rather it felt more like an an obvious device inserted just to keep he couple apart for awhile.

Overall, I liked the writing, dialogue and the connection between the two mains. But had some pretty major issues with plotting.