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Addicted - Charlotte Stein 3.5 stars.

This book started off so great. I loved, loved, loved Kit's inner voice. It was funny and seemed spot on for her imaginative yet somewhat repressed self. The problem for me with the book, as it turns out, there was simply too much of Kit's inner voice. Her thoughts were too....thoughty. Everything she experienced had to be compared via simile and metaphor to at least 3 other things...albeit in a funny way. This works very well when you are being introduced to the person she is. It begins to interfere when you want know what is happening around her. So as the book progressed I became impatient with her inner voice.

I will give it up to this author for two things. She writes great sex scenes and she uses words really well to create vivid pictures. When Kit first describes Dillon, I could really see him not just his physical attributes but other things about him like his posture and how he inhabited his space.

And although the descriptions and scene painting is stellar, I found the dialogue a bit of a bust. At the end when Kit is trying to get Dillon to open up I felt very frustrated with how they communicated. It felt fuzzy and inarticulate. I wish that some of the clarity that shone through when Kit was in her head and had made it through the characters' conversation.

I will say, with appreciation, that this book feels like what I believe an erotica romance should really read like. It is a very intimate two person character study, I don't believe any other characters make an appearance after about chapter four. And while the plot is fairly simple -- a very sexually experienced man aims to loosen up the more repressed, sexually disenchanted woman -- it is really the sex that is the focus of the story.

The author allows her characters to really luxuriate in the sexual experience. Dillon is written as a man who unabashedly appreciates women. Refreshingly, he is not trying to dominate or control. In fact, the author pokes a little good-natured fun at the 'Millionaire Master' trope. Dillon just wants them both to really enjoy the sex. So he sets himself out to make sure they do. Through the frankness of their sexual intimacy they begin to build and emotional bond and a real relationship. Kit develops a satisfying sexual freedom and new found appreciation. While Dillon finds in Kit the person who makes sex feel more meaningful for him.

While Dillon and Kit are in love and end with an HEA, I don't think the ending of the book as was as strong as the beginning.