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Reading Slump Woes


So...2013 has not been good to me reading wise.  I have had a few fantastic books this year that I read.  But two of them are the latest installments of favorite series:


   Heart of Obsidian (Psy/Changeling) - Nalini Singh  




   Magic Rises (Kate Daniels) - Ilona Andrews  



There are a handful of others, but frankly I can't remember what they are. 


Added to that, Goodreads let me down.  I have decided not to add new reviewing content there because...well...reasons. 


Not that it matters because just as I am slowly breaking up with Goodreads, I have been in the midst of a reader's version of writer's block.  I can't seem to love anything I read.  In the past week alone, I have started at least ten books and nothing has sucked me in.


I am always a 200+ book a year person.  And I prefer to read books.  I tend to dislike novellas because...well..more reasons.  By now, I should be over the 150 mark.  But to date, I have read a paltry ninety-nine books.  Ninety-nine!   This time last year, I was cruising to my 200+ book goal.  I was the fricking Usain Bolt of reading.


Last year I discovered several new-to-me authors who excited me enough to inhale their hefty backlists (Deborah Crombie, Kristen Ashley, Heather Webber) and discovered that some familiar authors had books in areas I'd been neglecting (Shiloh Walker's romantic suspense, Lisa Kleypas's contemporary paranormal).  I had even discovered a few indie authors who was writing stuff that felt both fresh and old-skool familiar at the same time (Lindsay Buroker, RL Mathewson). 


It seems like last year I had an embarrassment of reading riches.  I had my auto-buy authors who were releasing stuff, I had my kinda-maybe-might-buy regular authors releasing stuff,  plus it felt like I was discovering someone new all the time.  Heck Kristen Ashley alone kept me in reading material for close to two months.  My TBR gave me shivers of joy.


But this year?  Not so much.  Sure, I can count on a JD Robb like clockwork (...more on that later...)  but I have no awesome discoveries this year (outside of Emma Chase).  I have no deep backlist beckoning me.  And I certainly have no indie authors who are exciting me.


I have a few books on my kindle that are calling me, but I just look at the covers and sigh.  I want to open them and fall into them, but I am afraid that if I do I will end up DNF'ing them the way I did the last ten books I tried.  Scott Lynch's Republic of Thieves is out.  I bought it.  But what if it isn't as good as the others?  What if it wasn't worth the wait?  I still haven't cracked open Lord Vorpatril's Alliance by Lois McMaster Bujold.  I always love an Ivan centric story.  But ... do I really want an Ivan-centric story in the Miles universe? 


See?  See?  I am hopeless.


So in the meantime I am learning my way around here.  I am hoping to get my books imported soon.  I am coming to terms with my disappointment with Goodreads.  I'll never be able to enjoy that site like I used to. And I am re-visiting old favorites for now. 


I did read a new release recently, Thankless In Death by JD Robb.  And I really enjoyed it (will be reviewing it soon as my inaugural review on this site).  Reading that made me remember how much I enjoy Eve and Roarke's world.  So I have been re-reading the In Death series.  All 37 of them.  In order.  Again.


No they aren't new to me.  I know some the dialogue by now.  I certainly know all the whodunnits.  But they are comfort reads and until I am jerked out of my slump they are comforting me.