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Inflamed: Shadow Riders

Inflamed: A Shadow Riders MC - Kiki Leach

Nope. Nope. Nopity. Nope.

I started out thinking I would like this. But it went downhill for me real fast and I began to skim.

The plot surrounding the main characters became so Byzantine and murky that it just made me tired.

People monologued to death! These are some of the talkingest bikers. Jeez. Late in the book, River, the hero, gets a frantic phone call from the wife of his President of his club. She's sent him several 911 texts. It is an emergency, she needs his help. Does he rush out? Well he does, but first this man talks for about 20-some pages. I was sure she'd be dead by the time he got there.


I swear these guys have more feelings about stuff than any teenaged girl.

The heroine Mia suffers a really horrific personal trauma at the start of the book. There is an eight year time jump so it makes sense that she is physically recovered from it. And yet, as the book goes on I couldn't help but feel that the initial trauma was presented mostly for shock value to damsel her. There is never any reference to her receiving any real counseling or how she recovered psychologically from it. The personal trauma is instead transmuted into an issue of physical safety. The villain is after her again and she wants to run away from him, but we are never treated to any insight into Mia's thought process about how this is affecting her psychologically, no flashbacks, no PTSD, no nightsweats...nothing. Her tormenter is basically reduced to a stalker she needs saving from.  Puzzlingly she runs to these bikers for help (why?) who monologued for like 20 pages over her broken and bloody body eight years before.

After awhile the dialogue just felt repetitive.

I lost engagement rather quickly.

On a fun note, though, some version of the word 'Fuck' was used 1,068 times in this book. Awesome! (No, not really awesome because most of the dialogue was just the word fuck strung together with a couple of 'shits' and 'goddamns'). It was like profanity word salad.  But still, my profanity loving heart kinda appreciates  the fact that fuck was probably the most commonly used word in this book after 'the'.