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The Obsession

The Obsession - Nora Roberts

This one is kind of hard to rate.

The story is actually good. Naomi was twelve years old when she follows her dad in the woods, expecting to find out where he hid her birthday present only to find something else entirely.

The chapters that immediately follow -- with the town and family realizing what her father is, her family's relocation with her uncle to Washington and later to New York -- are great. I loved that part.

However the book starts to go a bit south for me when the books moves into it's last third as Naomi settles into her house in the Pacific Northwest. Too much of that part was an almost numbing about house reconstruction. Yes, I imagine the house, the floors, the windows etc. are all gonna be gorgeous. But Jeebues, did we need to read it all. Does NR have some hard on about home improvement? It seems to be creeping into her books a lot.

In the end the book felt more like an interesting women's fiction with a some menace thrown in, not a full blown rom-suspense. I never got the sense that Naomi was ever really in danger. And I was a little bummed by the villain.

But overall this was an interesting read.