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His Pretend Baby

His Pretend Baby: His Pretend Baby: 50 Loving States, Oregon - Theodora Taylor

This was cute.

I liked that the two mains were a little off center. I especially liked how being on the spectrum manifested itself in many of Go's personality quirks. I also liked how well the author used Nyla's past to inform her present personality. It wasn't over-done to the point where I felt like it was a cheap shortcut, but rather just a smart underline to explain why she is so protective of herself.

I will say I think this book felt short. It ends at 15% on my kindle e-reader. It is hard to say how long this book actually is because it is bundled with three other full length books. In page length I would estimate with was about 150? maybe. It is enough to create a grounding in the characters and get you invested in Go and Nyla but not enough to fill in some emotional blanks. For instance Marco's death in the beginning didn't seem to touch Nyla. She expressed regret but it felt just like a set up to just get her to the MOC with Go. Also in the end she does something really, really

huge cutting her former best friend's throat with a piece of glass and watching her die and bleed out  

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and yet, we jump to an epilogue and there doesn't seem to be any emotional fall out from that.

But all in all I did like this. It was fun. Go and Nyla were sexy. And they worked well together and had good chemistry. I just wish the book had felt just a bit fuller.