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Tower of Thorns

Tower of Thorns - Juliet Marillier

Lightning Review:

- Liked this one better than the first book.

- As in the first book, Grim and Blackthorne are what makes this book work. But Grim really became the MVP of this book. And if I liked him a lot in the previous book, I loved him in this one.

- Kinda tickled that these books feel like they are shaping up to be a weird sort of fae mystery series with G&B as partners who find themselves called upon to right wrongs and solve magical mysteries.

- Outside of the character development of G& B there are two parallel stories happening. One is the mystery of the Tower and how to defeat the monster in it. The other is a little more aligned with Blackthorne's past and once again her temptation to defy the conditions of her deal with Fey and seek her revenge.

- Unlike the previous book where I didn't really start to enjoy the 'mystery' piece until the second half of the book, the mystery of the Tower gripped me right away.

- Did I say I loved Grim? His quiet, unyielding loyalty to Blackthorn is a thing of beauty.

- The climatic chapters/ending made me tear up a little, sigh a little and smile a little.

Very curious to see how G&B's relationship develops after this now.

Good series.