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Devoted in Death

Devoted in Death - J.D. Robb

Lightning review:

- As far as ....In Death books go, this one is somewhere in the upper-middle of the pack as far as enjoyability.

- I liked the concept of the 'Natural Born Killers' couple doing a murder spree and loving each other up. But I think I would have preferred them to fall more on the 'crime of opportunity' scale rather than what they were

They basically killed to spice up their sex life

(show spoiler)

- Great new character introduced in out-of-state Sheriff Deputy Banner. I hope we see him a again. Robb has been killing it lately with intro of new characters that create interest.

- Santiago and Carmichael, two members of Eve's team,  get a little more face time and even though their parts are involved in the investigation which is pretty horrific, they provide some great comedy

- Truheart! has a nice character progression

- One of the murderer's name is Ella-Loo. I just like saying it. Ella-Loo.

- This is all police procedural so it is very, very light on personal stuff. As a matter of fact only really the cops are in this book. No Mavis or Leonardo or Charles etc.

I listened on Audio and as usual Susan Ericksen does a fab job!