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Carolina Home

Carolina Home - Virginia Kantra

Lightning review:

- Engaging contemporary romance with a root worthy heroine and a somewhat prickly (yet not asshole-y) hero

- Nice sense of place. Usually small town romances are more miss than hit for me, but I like the Dare Island setting and how well the author painted a picture of the tourists, the locals and the fishing & tourism industry of the island

- Liked the family drama. In addition to the romance and the community, the family stuff gave the story a sense of fullness

- Very intrigued by the whole story surrounding Taylor. This is a trilogy and there are three siblings so it is a no brainer that each one gets a book. At the beginning of this book, Luke, the youngest sibling, is delivered of a ten year old girl (Taylor) on his doorstep who he finds out is his daughter. He is a soldier about to be deployed on another tour in the Middle East so he needs to leave her with his parents & siblings. She has problems that go beyond dealing with the death of her mother, the only parent she has ever known and being (seeimgly) abandoned by the father she just met. But Luke's book is the third in the series one we just scratch the surface of Taylor's story in this one so I am looking forward to see how that all pans out.