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BirthControl (La Patron #2) - Sydney Addae

Welp, I will probably end up abandoning the series after this one.

I was hoping the lack of character development in the first book was just a symptom of it being a first book and we'd get some depth in this one. Nope. The characters are just as frustratingly surface in this one as they were in the first one.

There are a lot of characters in this book many of whom appear for small amounts of time, serve a specific plot purpose and are moved along.

In one case a new character was introduced, we learned she was the mate of one of Jasmine's sons within 20 pages and zoom she was immediately part of the inner circle and a member of the family. All we really know of her is her name because she barely spoke ten sentences.

Even more frustrating is that the main characters still are getting no real depth. They are running around reacting to stuff, fighting and just being moved like pieces on a chess board.

And poor Jasmine was stuck in a house the entire book. She never got to go anywhere "for her own protection". So she basically sat in the fortress of a house and developed the miraculous ability to mentally speak with people. And had lots of sex with the hero. I just felt it was an odd choice to put the heroine in just one space and give her no real agency whatsoever. And although she and the hero are supposed to be in love and mated I could not figure out for the life of me why they loved each other? The only time they spend together is to have sex and for him to remind her that he must protect her.

The plot which had great potential in the first book, was a muddy mess in this one. There is a climactic scene at the end that was so disjointed it was hard to visualize what was happening.

The conflict that was set up is the kind that affects all of wolf-kind and it really should have had more urgency and felt more politically explosive than it did. It really is a good conflict but the author simply didn't give it the complexity it deserved. For a hard ass Alpha, Silas is a bit of a wuss when it comes to killing his enemy. I mean, you have these antagonist characters who have demonstrated an ability where they can easily and completely compel your own wolves to do whatever they wants them to do up to and including utterly betraying you and all your secrets and you keep them locked up? or refuse to kill them? I couldn't help but thinking that Curran or Kate Daniels would have ripped that bitch's throat out in a nanosecond. And they would have done it with flair.