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Beating Ruby

Beating Ruby (Spotless Series Book 2) - Camilla Monk

I had a great time reading this. Boo! to the fact that I was reading it during a time of year when my work-load is at its heaviest so I couldn't tear through it like I needed to, but I managed to grab moments to dive back in.

I love, love, loved the first book Spotless in this series. Mainly because it hit a sweet spot for me in reading I didn't even know I needed. It was funny, had a romance (even if I would not consider it a romance novel), had adventure, bad-ass characters, smart characters, great quotable lines, and some irreverence -- basically it hit my bent sense of humor in exactly the right place. But probably the best thing about it was that it felt fresh. it wasn't something I've read 1,000 times before.

This book continues in that vein. We get more of the geek-heroine Island who is a computer engineer. And we get more of the OCD but super sexy assassin March.

In this one they start off the book apart because at the end of the previous book, March has left Island alone for her own good. So she has moved on to a new boyfriend, Alex. I won't say anything about Alex because...spoilers... but I will say I was very suspicious of Alex from the jump. He felt too convenient. And, really, he just wasn't March.

The main plot if about a piece of security software that can do a lot of damage if it gets in the wrong hands and it pretty much does. Island decides to become a mini-sleuth and once she ends up in a air-shaft with a mouse eating her shoe... well lets just say things take off and don't look back.

Just like the previous book, this one globe trots, which is also fun. Unlike the previous book this one will cause one to rethink their relationships with various members of the animal kingdom including Sloths, Platypuses and baby Octopii (be free Krakky!).  Seriously, the scene at the Japanese restaurant where Island first meets the baby Octopus we come to know as Krakky is legit one of the funniest things I've read all year!


If you read this, read it for the fun dialogue and the adventure and the  throbbing undertone of romance between March and Island.  If you go in expecting a traditional romance trajectory then you might be disappointed because those two are not there yet.

Great series!

Received the ARC from the author.