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The Legend of Lyon Redmond

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The Legend of Lyon Redmond: Pennyroyal Green Series - Julie Anne Long

Finally! And you know what? This wasn't a dud, although I was almost expecting it to be.  Something so highly anticipated couldn't help but be bad right? wrong!  YAY.

This actually did the legend of Lyon & Olivia justice. It reminded me that JAL does intense romantic connection well. And boy did Lyon and Olivia have that in droves.

While it doesn't quite reach the heights of my favorite book of the series, What I Did For a Duke - Julie Anne Long  it really was worth the wait.

One thing, it also raised a lot more questions about the relationship between the Eversea and Redmond parents, especially past romance of Isolde Eversea and Isaiah Redmond. The first book of the series drops a paternity bombshell that wasn't revisited very much throughout the series, but it resurfaces with a vengeance here. Kinda interested in that story now.

But on the whole this met my expectations for a book that was pretty highly anticipated.


Jury is still out on that epilogue, though.