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Homecoming Ranch

Homecoming Ranch - Julia London

I listened to this on audio which probably was to the book's advantage as the audio-performer, Tanya Eby, sold the story. This is the first book in a trilogy that features three sisters who inherit a ranch together from their father. The women each had different mothers and the heroine of this book, Madeline didn't even know the identity of her father so she never even knew him while he was alive.

The plot follows some rather predictable lines with the women clashing versus trying to decide what to do with the ranch and there were some areas where I felt the dialogue and motivations felt plot serving rather than logical things real people would do or say.  So on a story front there were some frustrations.

One entire star goes to the character of Leo (and the narrator's voice for Leo). He is the younger brother of the hero and has a degenerative nerve disease that is slowly killing him. He needs lots of care and had medical needs. He gets several POV chapters being a sort of mix of Greek Chorus and Sage Observer of the people and doings happening around him. I loved him as a character because the author infused him with humor, pragmatism (he'd dying and he knows it and sometimes he uses it to get his way) and a healthy (yet unobjectionable) sort of young man perviness. Honestly I looked forward to Leo's observations more than even the romance, which felt rather pedestrian.

An easy way to pass some time since I love to listen to books as I do housework or cook. Probably would not have enjoyed this even as much as I did if I hadn't listed to the audio, a case where the narration elevated the story.