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The Shattered Court

The Shattered Court: A Novel of the Four Arts - M.J. Scott

Lightening review:


- Very much a 'First in a series' feel

- Fantasy romance, the fantasy takes precedence, imo. Even though the romance feels rather central and 'reads' like a romance-novel romance, there is no real tension or conflict.  The romance happens. The real tension is in the bigger plot, who attacked the palace and why?

- Interesting magic system -- not quite groundbreaking but still interesting

- Main characters Sophie and Cameron were appealing -- she's beautiful and smart, he's handsome and protective.  Neither one really leaps off the page though.

- Good atmosphere, I like the sense of opulence in the couirt as well as the court intrigue

- Good mystery -- There are definite antagonists and outright villains in the story -- you just don't know who they are

- Like the set up of Queen Eloisa --  she could fall either way -- good guy or bad guy?

- The high priestess Domina seems like she could be a villain, but too obvious? I dunno.

- Ends at an intriguing place.  Would love to see what happens in the palace in the aftermath of that ending.  Looking forward to the next one.