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Karizma & Devin

Karizma & Devin (A Bioexpa Match Book 2) - Thayer King

After enjoying the first book Sienna & Jakob (my review)  but feeling that the novella length worked against a really good set up, I decided to try the follow up.  

The biggest plus so far about this series is the premise of a future society that uses a incredibly thorough vetting process and complex algorithm to create successful marriage matches.  The company, BioExpa, is so pervasive that it has become so commonplace that most people won't marry if they haven't been matched.  Like I said, great set up.

Since the premise is that the company matches the couple and they are immediately married, there needs to be a conflict to hang the story on.  Each book can't be about the couple adjusting to a stranger.  That would get old very fast.  In the first book Sienna & Jacob (A Bioexpa Match Book 1) - Thayer King  the major conflict was the Jakob was in love with someone else when he got matched & married to Sienna.  So as conflicts went that was a good one.  

In this one the conflict is... I think it is Karizma wants hearts & flowers & romance but doesn't get it so she becomes angry at everything?  And that is my biggest issue with this one.

Devin is a rich man who dates a lot.  He signed up with BioExpa to get a wife.  It was time and since he probably wouldn't ever fall in love, why not get matched with someone who is considered his most compatible mate?  The worst thing I can say about Devin is that he is a trope.  He is rich, he has some family pain issues that has prevented him from knowing what love is.  He is alpha.  But you know what, Devin is actually pretty decent as the book goes along.  He understands what he signed up for and he is all in.  He wanted a wife, he got a wife.  And he treats her like a wife.  

Karizma is the problem and she single-handedly ruined some of my enjoyment of the book.  She clearly says in the beginning that she didn't really date much because she knew that she would be matched with her soul mate so it was no point in trying to meet someone else.  Yet when she is matched with Devin she goes into immediate "I don't like you" mode.  Even another character calls her out on this.  And yet, it isn't enough to make her stop and take stock.  No, for a majority of the book, Karizma is determined to reject her husband after the 30-day trial period even though Devin is doing nothing but trying to make the marriage work.  Her excuse is that he won't love her.  But dude, you've been married for like a minute!  

I would have liked for her to be taken aback by his declaration, but then I would have liked her to take a second to take stock of her relationship.  Given the society they live in and the circumstances surrounding the marriage, I would have liked her to think smarter, maybe dig in and decide to make him love her.  Or even pay attention to his actions not his words.  But instead she is written even more trope-y than Devin.  She is angry and rejecting.  Characters in the book call her out -- so on some level the author knows she is writing a character that is acting rather immature.  But yet there you go.

Even though Karizma yanked my last nerve, I liked Devin, the sex was super hot, explicit and well written and i still like the idea if, once again, not the complete execution of it.