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Suddenly One Summer

Suddenly One Summer - Julie James

I looked at this book on my kindle puzzled.  The little dot thingies at the bottom were all dark, which means I had made it to the end of the book.  But for the life of me I could not remember a single thing about this book. 


I had to read the blurb and even then it took me a minute.  And then I was like "oh, it was that book."


And even then it wasn't the hero/heroine that my mind immediately went to, it was the subplot with the hero's sister.  See, the hero's sister had a one night stand hook up and got pregnant but had no contact info for the guy.  The hero & heroine set out to find the guy because the sister is exhausted, overworked, could use  some financial child support.


The H/h become amateur sleuths to track down the guy behind the sister's back.  They don't want to get her hopes up if he's a total jerk.  I actually liked the scenes where they come up with list of possibles and come up with a slick plan to pin down the guy.  All the different guys were fun to 'meet.'  And I really liked how the whole reveal and resolution played out.  It was very satisfying.


"But, Tina," you say, 'What about the romance?"


To which I reply...."ummm...."  It was not remarkable.  They meet, the fight spiffily.  They banter.  They sex. 


I have always liked this author mainly because she writes urban professionals who live in big cities and incorporates their work very well into the story.  The heroine is a lawyer and I like it when she morphs into this barracuda lawyer.   Books set in big cities with smart professionals is a sweet spot that is very, very rarely hit for me in contemporary romances and one that I love.  So even though this book was somewhat unremarkable in some places, the writing was still bright and parts of it very much worked for me.