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My book rating philosophy...

... As interpreted by Cookie Lyon


1 Star -This book is so bad it needs to be beat with a broom. Preferably while the reader is wearing an  python print blouse and a fedora.  I either couldn't finish it because it was so bad, or I felt resentful because it wasted my time, or it just outright offended me for any number of reasons.





2 Stars - Well you tried.  But as Leopard print clad  Cookie so eloquently put it "The streets are not made for everyone, that why they made sidewalks."   Could be the writing was ok but story was a fail.  Could be just that it was rather pedestrian (hence, sidewalks).  Or it could just be it was still kinda bad, just not broomstick worthy bad.





3 Stars - Well, now, this was pretty good.  Not awful, not great.  You got a little sumthin' sumthin' going on here.  Deserves a a fabulous  mink while we ruminate exactly what that something is.... It could be just a 'meh', but still, that's something.




4- Stars:  Really rather good.  Fierce in places.  Made me sit up and take notice.  Story or writing had some swagger, took unexpected turns or was cleverly plotted and placed.  And yet... something about it still wouldn't let me love it completely.  Kinda like Cookie's fur in this one.  Hair, shades & strut are on point, but I am not 100% sold on that fur,




5 Stars - I loved it.  It hit on all cylinders -- writing, story, emotional connection, met or exceeded my expectations going in.  It has it all!  Kinda like a White Gucci jumpsuit worn at an all white party.