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Adventures in Audiobooks - Nora Roberts Edition

Sweet Revenge - Nora Roberts, Napoleon Ryan Three Fates - Nora Roberts Carnal Innocence - Nora Roberts Black Hills - Nora Roberts Morrigan's Cross - Nora Roberts

In February I had this whole thing where I listened to a crap load of Linda Howard audiobooks.  Now, most authors tend to have a go-to narrator, but Linda Howard's books each had a different one.  And for the most part I lucked out and there was not a dud in the bunch.


For some reason I decided to go back old' skool with Nora Roberts and listen to some of my favorites of hers as well. 


I didn't have the same luck with Nora that I did with Linda.  There were a few I had to DNF after the first chapter because the narration was so bad.  But the ones I stuck with have been pretty good.


I'll start with the best and go from there:


  - This is one of my very favorite of hers.  I've read this several times over the years and it never gets old.  This time I opted to listen and I loved the narrator Tom Stechschulte.  While I thought his weakest voice was by far the heroine's, Caroline, everyone else was spot on.  He can do that lazy, southern drawl to perfection.  When the hero, Tucker would settle into some long story about some old ancestor, the narrator's voice did the same.  It took on an even more relaxed cadence that invited you to just sit back and listen to him shoot the shit.  Great marriage to narrator to story.



  Another old skool favorite of mine.  The heroine's mother is this tragic combo of Marilyn Monroe/Grace Kelly/Rita Heyworth that you feel really bad for and very happy that the heroine is gonna get revenge.  But I always like books with sexy thief protagonists and caper-y heists.  The narrator of this one is Napoleon Ryan .  At first I thought this was gonna be another DNF.  His reading was a bit hesitant in places and had an odd flow.  It took me awhile to get used to it.  But once I did I was able to really sink into the story.  The thing about this narrator is, despite some of the early issues I had with his reading his voice is a thing of utter beauty.  It is like Hot Buttered Butter!  It is a panty dropper voice. Deep and gorgeous.  He does a great variety of British accents.  I especially loved when the hero Phillip was talking.  When Phillip got sexy, the narrator's voice went into this even lower register and it was like listening to Johnny Hartman sing.  Chills!  Anyway, his American accent was not that great though.  Trade offs.  Still I loved this book!



I forgot how much I liked this book.  Again, an old book by NR.  I am remembering why I was such a fan!  Anway this was also a fun book with a great third act that was a fun sort of con.   Usually I enjoy her heroes more than her heroines, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed Tia, one of the three heroines in this one.  She was a hypochondriac and so neurotic about it, it was funny.  Quiet as it's kept, Nora can write subtle comedy and Tia's persona had great moments of understated comedy.  The narrator was Bernadette Quigley  who did a fine job juggling six characters, three of whom had Irish accents.


  Hmm... this book was not as fun as the other three, but the narration is completely sold me and elevates the story.  Interestingly this is a book that I only ever 'read' in audio version.  I never actually read-read this book (this is my second go round with this one).  The narrator Nick Podehl  has a very 'NPR commentator' voice.  it is very rich and clear and comfortable and inviting.  It is a very good storyteller's voice.



I am currently listening to this one.  I have never read this series.  Surprised me because I was sure I had at least read all of NR's backlist up to a point.  But nope, this one got missed.  I am enjoying it.  The narrator is Dick Hill .  I've heard good things about him and he's living up to it.  Totally expressive.  And you can easily distinguish all the characters.  Since there are two more they'll most likely round out my July audiobook adventures with Nora Roberts.