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Genre fiction lover:  Romance, Sci Fi, Fantasy, Mystery, Urban Fantasy


- My name is Tina

- I have a bent sense of humor

- I am a pop culture junkie

- My dad was in the Navy so I was a military brat for a while

- Parents divorced and in my teens I discovered Religion.  Became VERY religious. I sang in the choir.  And I can't even sing.  That is how much I wanted to glorify the Lord.

- In my early 20s (during the 80s) I discovered NYC club scene.  Lost the religion real quick. Pro tip:  dancing to house music at underground gay clubs in the Village was a great extra-curricular activity.

- in my mid-twenties went back to school to get a masters.

- I work in systems & data analysis

- Was an English and a film major in college with a master's in English -- no idea how I ended up a tech geek, tho.

- Have worked in Higher Education Administration for years before I switched over to Tech

- Married 20 years to my polar opposite (he's a country mouse, I am a city mouse) but he's my total best friend

- 2 kids

- I cuss a lot

- I am a bit of a foodie, thank god my kids & hub will try anything once.  My latest obsession is Ethiopian food (before that it was Indian and before that it was Thai).  So my spice cabinet is a thing of utter beauty.

- Politically I am a left leaning moderate

- I have a ginormous, multicultural family.  I think at last check, we have one of every-something represented.  And most of them are first cousins.  No lie.  My maternal grandmother is one of those old skool black matriarchs from the South who had like 15 kids and they begat kids who married all sorts of people and went on to begat lots more rainbow kids. 


-- An oh yeah, I read A LOT.  Have always done so all my life.  No matter what I've done, where I've traveled, who I've met, what experiences I've had I have always done it with a book in progress.