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Seventh Grave and No Body

Seventh Grave and No Body - Darynda Jones

So I actually started to read Eighth Grave After Dark - Darynda Jones  and was like.. "Wait...whut?'  Charley and Reyes were married?


It was then that I realized I had never read the 7th book.  Odd, because I am usually all over these.


So, having spoiled my self, I went back and read this one first.


I am really conflicted,


One of the hallmarks of this series is Charley's rather broad and completely out there sense of humor.  It is wacky, laugh-out-loud and a little slap-stick in places.  This is a major selling point for me in these books.  I love that aspect of them.


And yet, the developments in the ongoing plot arc of the twelve hell hounds being summoned to kill Charley and all the demons and such and fate of the world blah, blah, blah...is being written with a tone of doom and seriousness that feels incredibly incongruous with Charley's irreverent outlook.


It would be one thing if the end-of-the-world stuff was being written in a lighter vein than it is, then Charley would feel in sync with it all.  But it isn't.  So Charley's continued whack-eyed humor comes off sometimes as juvenile.  Not to mention that she seems to make some stupid decisions when she knows what is as stake.


So, yeah, I am getting some...I dunno...tone whiplash as it were.


And there is a continuing niggling suspicion that feels like the over-arching plot seems like something that wasn't well telegraphed in the early books but instead feels to have coalesced sometime in the just last three books or so.  Now, I have been reading these books in real time as they came out and could be fuzzy on some details, but the specifics of who is after Charley and why and what it all means feel muddled and has for some time.  I hope the author surprises me and pulls it all together so that I smack myself in the head and go 'Aha!!'  I really do hope that is what happens.


In the meantime what I liked about this book was that we finally got some forward momentum with Charley and her abilities.  After what felt like several books of wandering in the wilderness with every dead person and their mother telling Charley that she is all powerful and hinting about all these things they know she can do but not telling her how to do it, just felt frustrating.  But suddenly Charley takes like ten leaps forward and she does all sorts of stuff and we find out all sorts of things, almost like a movie punched into fast forward after having been in slo-mo for awhile.


The ending is one where you immediately think 'Shit just got real, y'all!"  and this is where I wonder with much curiosity and, yes, a little trepidation where the series goes from here?