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Asking For It

Asking for It - Lilah Pace

DNF for now... may revisit later once the story is actually, you know, complete.

Man, I fucking hate installment series. I wish I had checked more into this before getting this.

It is a shame because I was really enjoying this. It is a sensitive subject on which to base an erotic story -- rape fantasy -- especially when the heroine is a rape survivor. If done wrong, it could have been just overall squicky. But this was shaping up to be done very well.

But I had a niggling suspicion as I was reading so I peeked to the end. And damn it all! No HEA and not even a HFN. Just ...ugh.

It looks like there is another book coming in September? Is this the conclusion? Are there more? I dunno. I'll keep this on the radar because like I said this was good and the whole story has the potential to be great. But for now I'll put it aside and finish it when the story is actually all done.

Man, I fucking hate installment series.