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The Anatomist's Wife

The Anatomist's Wife - Anna Lee Huber

I listened to this on audio as I was getting my house ready for guests for the holiday weekend. So as I was washing, vacuuming, dusting, changing the bedding in the guestroom, cleaning the grill etc. I had this thing on all day! LOL. I finished a 12 hour audiobook in almost a day!

The story is a solid 3-stars. I give half a star to the performance. I liked the narrator's voice. Except once in awhile when she was doing 'Scottish brogue' it kinda devolved into 'generic foreign accent.' But her french accent was superb!

Anyway, I enjoyed the story quite a bit even if the constant jeering and censure of the heroine by the other characters did get a bit tiresome. I did wonder if some of it was because the story is told in first person POV by Keira, the heroine, and some of it is a just a function of her perception? Hard to tell. But like I said it was a bit tiresome. I would think that no matter how notorious Keira is supposed to be, that time spent in her company at a house party would at least thaw some people toward her. But this sometimes felt like it was just all Keira bashing all the time.

But that is a smallish complaint. I like this sort of book version of a tv 'bottle episode'. Something that takes place in a relatively set space that no one can move from. In this case it is a house party and one of the guests, a woman, is found murdered in a maze. None of the guests can leave until a 'procurator fiscal' (I loved the way the narrator pronounced this!) can be fetched from Inverness to come and do an inquiry into the murder. In the meantime, Sebastian Gage, one of the guests is an Inquiry Agent and is asked by the Earl of Cromarty (the host of the house party & Keira's brother-in-law) to investigate until the fiscal can get there.

And Keira's special talents are for once helpful. Her knowledge of anatomy provides some critical intel about the murder. She is also drafted to help Gage. The two of them investigate ask questions and tip toe around an increasingly evident attraction.

I liked the mystery. It felt like a real mystery and a real investigation. I have read a couple of recent mystery books where the 'mystery' and 'investigation' consisted of coincidence, convenient over-hearing and lucky conclusions that left me with a sense of dissatisfaction. This one, at least the discoveries and questions make a logical sense and how the killer is unmasked feels more organic than just lucky.

I did like that Keira's instincts and knowledge were key in unlocking the mystery. I did not like that Gage came off as a little obtuse in places. But in the end they made a good team.

For supporting characters I loved Keira's sister and brother-in-law for their unconditional and unwavering support of her. And they seemed like they had a great relationship. I also liked the roguish Marquess of Marsdale. He was a minor character, but I hope he makes a re-appearance in later books if for no other reason he seemed to be the only character with a sense of humor.

I enjoyed this and downloaded the second book to listen to as well.