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Bridged - Kendra Elliot

You know, when you want the bad guy to win that kinda says something about the book.  Or maybe it just says something about me?

The suspense and the case in this book were actually pretty good.  There is a killer who is killing people by hanging them off of  bridges publicly (after a little bit of torture).  The killer is smart and knows how to use (or not use) public cameras so that the police never get a good look at his face.  Knows how to camouflage vehicles.  Basically he's done a lot of research to make sure he doesn't get caught.

Until he does.  Which pissed me off.  Not that he got caught, because let's face it, he is a killer.  But that he got caught only because he manages to put the main character, FBI agent Ava McLane,  in a 'woman in jeopardy'  scenario.  Truthfully, by the time we understand his motives for what he is doing I was kinda hoping he'd succeed before he got caught.  His victims were rather foul.  Well, I was sorry for one of them.  The rest I ended up happily cheering about their murders.

Ok, so maybe it does say more about me.

Anyway, The suspense and crime parts were the best parts of the book.  I do roll my eyes at one coincidental connection that linked the crime part of the book to the more personal part of the book.   There was no organic reason to make the two sides connect in this way, so as result it felt clumsy.  But what are you gonna do?  Somehow that seems to be something romantic suspense writers need to happen.

Which brings me to the personal side.  The romance between FBI agent Ava McLane and police detective Mason Callahan is moving along.  They are in love and largely living together.  They end up working the case together through serendipity.  I actually liked their relationship and how it is portrayed in the story.  It is just enough romance for my romance side to like, but not too much to make it feel overpowering so that the suspense gets short shrift.

What I hated with the heat of 1000 suns, though, was Ava's stupid sister drama.  She has a twin sister who is a cracked out mess.  There is a lot of page time given to Ava's sister, her drug use, her mental issues, how she has been a total manipulator all her life, stealing Ava's identity, messing up her credit, ruining her reputation going back as far as when they were in high school.  She is a toxic person who is a user.  And yet Ava is all 'I will never give up on my sister!'  except for the time when she is all,  'Oh God, I am her twin I am destined to end up JUST LIKE HER!!!!'  

Girl, Whut?   Ugh.  That whole subplot was such a drag on the story.   And it doesn't help that instead of making Ava look like this awesome, selfless person  (which is what I guess is supposed to me my takeaway) it just made her seem pathetic.  I was tired of her and her sister.  Man I wanted her sister to die in the end.

So, yeah, probably says a lot about me.  LOL.

I am not sure if I want to continue in the series if we get more sister-drama mess.  I like the suspense, but, man,  I hate the sister.