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Monster - Francette Phal

"Read this book" - they said.

"It is really good!' - they said.


See... I should have stuck with my instincts. There was a reason why I looked at the blurb on this book and passed.  And then read the sample and passed.  I know what I like.  I should have just keep right on passing.


I should have known that the term "Accidental Gold Digger" did not bode well.  But I have had some success with books that from a blurb standpoint, sends off all sorts of red alerts but pleasantly surprise me when I actually read them. 


I am not going to write a rant.  There is no point.  But I will say that I  just couldn't  bring myself to enjoy a book where the hero marries the heroine and proceeds to debase and humiliate her right in the first chapter.   It is one thing to have a bitter and dark marriage, it is another thing entirely for a man to invite his friends over to his house, bring out his wife and make her do a strip tease, twerk, rub her ass around his friends, suck him off in front of them, all the while showcasing his utter contempt of her in front of them.  And then for her to justify it because, well,  she spends his money. I guess.


"The angst is great" - they said


But that is ok.  He doesn't actually hate her.  He really is just acting out because he is so wounded himself.  He had such an awful childhood.  He needs to work through these things.  No therapy, though,  Just the healing power of love.



"It is about redemption" - they said


If it was just about the hero working through some self loathing, I could probably have gotten behind that.  The problem is, to work through that he had to subject the heroine to what was basically emotional abuse.  And honestly, I just did not like him.  Or her for that matter.



"It gets better as it goes on" - they said.


No actually it didn't.  The hero remains controlling. But even beyond the plot issues, the writing is just so overwrought.  I can't even count how many times we are told how freakin' caramel the heroine is.  Her skin, her thighs, her neck, her legs.  Or how green his eyes are.   And they are always sharp because they are usually skewering, lasering or pinioning someone with them.Yeah, I just should have stuck with my instincts.  This simply did not work for me.