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Razed - Shiloh Walker

After reading and really enjoying the previous book in this series, Wrecked, I rather waffled on whether or not to read this one. My reason? I didn't really like Keely.

Keely is the heroine in this book and was a supporting character in the previous book. In the first book she thinks she is in love with Zach (hero of Wrecked) and she is rather contemptuous of Abigale (the heroine of that book) for not realizing Zach was in love with her. Actually she is downright rude. But even without her 'tude toward Abigale I couldn't really warm to her in that book and wasn't actually looking forward to her being the heroine of her own book.

But I like this author so I wanted her to win me over.

She didn't.

This wasn't a bad book. But it didn't suck me in or even make me really love the two mains as a central couple.

Zane is the hero in this book and oldest brother to Zach from the previous book. He also has a major thing for Keely. Ironically, since she kinda sneers at Abigale for not realizing Zach loved her, Keely really has no clue that Zane has a yen for her.

I liked Zane. I thought he was a good center for the book. Unfortunately, I could never see the spark between him and Keely. They felt rather perfunctory. Unlike the previous book where I think the author really sold the desperate love Zach felt for Abigale, I didn't get even half of that from Zane/Keely.

Added to that, I still couldn't warm to Keely. Honestly, I found her, well, unattractive. I think on some level I have to be attracted to both the hero/heroine in order to feel their attraction for each other. The author doesn't have to make them breathlessly beautiful to make me feel attracted to them, there is just something in the writing that makes them appeal to me on a virtual-physical level. It can be looks, sure. But it can also be a certain charisma or force of personality or even a turn of phrase that just captures them for me. But I couldn't make it happen with Keely. Just could never picture her in my head that way.

And she had a big secret. Which when all is revealed you're like "Wha....? That's it?" At least I was.

This was a alright. But I definitely didn't enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did the first book.