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I Love My Fire

I Love My Fire (Nicole's Omnibus/ 4 Part Box Set) - Sabrina Lacey

I really rather enjoyed this one.

Nicole is a twenty-something New York City urbanite. She is an artist who is able to follow her passion because she is living off an inheritance from her late fashion-model mother.

She has two of the best girlfriends -- Amber and Jess. They are each others family and hang through thick and thin. We watch them as they hang out, eat, drink & dish. And also support each other through various triumphs and tragedies.

As the book begins, Nic is in love with Michael. He is a well regarded artist who shares a studio with her. She all but throws herself at him. And while he seems receptive (the scenes of them navigating through their sexual attraction read as almost desperately angsty) he just won't let himself commit that last little bit and sleep with her.

In the throes of this unrequited passion, Nic continues to struggle with her art. Michael correctly criticizes that she doesn't let her walls down enough to put herself into her art. But she is a guarded person by nature. She very rarely lets her walls down.

While this is Nicole's story, Amber and Jess also have their own books happening concurrently (I Love My BREAKUP and I Love My S.O.S), so some of their romantic travails add to what is going on in Nicole's story. Nicole gets to witness her two best friends find that brass ring and wants to have it for herself, but can she let go enough to get it?

Almost by accident she meets Mark. A handsome west coaster who is in town to meet with investors on an app he is designing. While her passion for Michael still simmers in the background, she can't deny that she also feels and immediate ...something...for Mark. Their chemistry was rather immediate and in contrast to what was going on with Michael, also felt healthy.

I liked the vibe of this book. I liked how prickly and snarly Nicole could be sometimes but also how passionate she was as well. I loved the relationship with the friends, but really wanted to smack Jess later in the book. I didn't have to tho, Amber came through.

This is pure chick lit with a nice dash of satisfying romance thrown in. Nicole is not a typical romance novel heroine. She kisses (and fucks) a few frogs before she nabs her prince. And she is completely fine with that. I liked her relationship with Mark and how it played out. It really is one of those love-at-first-sight things, but the writer makes you feel their intensity so it doesn't seem implausible.

I also thought Michael was a very good character. Very charismatic on page. Very wrong for Nicole, but a really good character to have as a conflict source.

And finally

I am glad the author let Nic and Michael finally sleep together. If she hadn't, Nicshe would always wonder. And it wasn't good for either of them, so it was a door closed

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Good book.