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Dead Heat

Dead Heat  - Patricia Briggs

I took a 1/2 a star of because of the numbing passages on horses. I think if you like horses-- how they stand, sit, the length of their tail, the height of their neck etc. etc. then you'll find those parts an interesting addition to the story. I only like horses in a 'Hey, they are kinda pretty' way, needless to say I never went through a 'My Little Pony' phase. Ever. So I found the horse stuff kinda boring.

But outside of those parts this was a great story.

Anna and Charles' relationship is so solid. They have settled each other in such a way you would not recognize who they were in that first book where we meet them. Charles isn't so racked with self loathing and Anna is strong in both body and mind. Sure we get the flash here and there to let us know they are not completely 100% cricket, but on the whole these two are solid.

At the end the previous book, Fair Game, the fae made a baller move. One of the Grey Lords beheaded a guy, revealed themselves in all their kick ass glory, and said "We are not taking your human shit anymore' and retreated to their fae lands. Or so they said. In reality they began a war that the humans are not aware is being waged.

Charles and Anna manage to stumble across one of the first salvos in that war when they go to visit an old friend of Charles'. the visit is in the guise of choosing Anna a horse for their anniversary (hence all the horsey talk) but is also a way for Charles to say goodbye to dying friend.

While there, one the daughters-in-law of the family is discovered to be under a powerful fae geas that is designed to harm and kill children. The rest of the book is concerned with finding the fae who did this, finding a missing little girl and dealing with the various relationships in their host family.

I liked the Sani family, the various generations, the human members of the family looking more aged than their werewolf parents, their different relationship each has with Charles etc. And the younger members coping with the crisis upon them. I think the book worked on both levels, as a interesting suspense/mystery with Anna & Charles acting like an inscrutable bad-ass Nick and Nora helping out local Cantrip & FBI (Hi Leslie!), and as a domestic drama with all that is happening in the Sani family.

As usual, the book ended and I immediately wanted the next one.