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February - Author of the Month - Linda Howard

Dream Man - Linda Howard Kiss Me While I Sleep - Linda Howard Cry No More - Linda Howard Killing Time - Linda Howard Shades Of Twilight - Linda Howard Son of the Morning - Linda Howard Death Angel - Linda Howard All the Queen's Men - Linda Howard Open Season - Linda Howard Veil of Night - Linda Howard

February inadvertently became a  Linda Howard-a-thon for me.  For some reason I realized I don't think I'd ever read   Kiss Me While I Sleep - Linda Howard  (which is the third book in her CIA spies series).  So I used one of my eleventy-thousand audible credits on it.


I enjoyed the listen so much that I decided to get the audiobooks of the other two in the series.


That put me in both a Linda Howard mood and an audio listening mood, whereupon I listened to almost all of her rom-suspense backlist (minus a few that I know I didn't like).


Unlike most of the authors I listen to, she doesn't have a single narrator that kind of sticks with her stuff.  Instead almost every book has a different narrator.  The cool thing, they all were fantastic.  Which is a rarity.  There is usually a dud when you're reading a bunch of different ones.  But nope.  All of them were good.


Some of the books I had read multiple times before and was re-"reading" via the listen.  Some of them I had either never read before or forgot so much that they were like new.


My hands down favorite -- gets me every time -- is Cry No More - Linda Howard .  Damn, those last few chapters just gut me, but then I sigh so happily when the story is over. 


One book that I think did much better in audio than in visual reading was Veil of Night - Linda Howard.  I enjoyed this book more than a lot of people anyway, but I think the audio version is even more enjoyable.  The narrator has this great whisky-toned voice and does a fantastic Southern accent.


The one that was most fun to listen to was Open Season - Linda Howard .  Like, Veil of Night, I think I enjoyed the listening more than I originally enjoyed the original read of the book.


A revelation was All the Queen's Men - Linda Howard .  I know I'd read this book when it first came out but couldn't remember a thing about it.  Again the audio was a really good listen.  And surprisingly I found myself extremely sympathetic to the bad guy.  I didn't want anything to happen to him!  I even went so far as to check to see if he later becomes a main hero in a subsequent book., cuz honestly I didn't want him to die or anything.  As far as I can tell he doesn't,  so Linda Howard needs to get on that stat!


Outside of the Rom-Suspense I also went back and read some of her early harlequins/silhouettes  (not audio, tho).  Some have held up well (Makenzie's Mountain, Loving Evangeline, Duncan's Bride) and some really haven't (I invite you to visit  my review of All That Glitters).