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The Mésalliance

The Mésalliance - Stella Riley

Sequel to the fabulous The Parfit Knight - Stella Riley . This features the Duke of Rockliffe who was a fantastic supporting character in the first book.


Rock is looking for a wife and is dragged off the Worst. House Party. Ever.  by his younger sister, Nell.  Her two BFFs are twin daughters of the host and her biggest wish is for Rock to marry the ravishing, outgoing twin Diana.


But Diana is a bitch on steroids.  And Rock can't stand her.  And the rest of the family are a perfect fright.  Except the Cinderella-like poor relation cousin, Adeline.  Adeline is treated like total crap by the family and mostly by Diana.  But Adeline has learned how to cope.  She is snarky as hell and uses her words like a weapon.  She hates her family like whoa and doesn't care who knows.


Despite himself Rock finds himself drawn to Adeline.  Oh, he has absolutely no intention of getting himself in any way attached to this ratchet family.  But intentions are not reality.


My overwhelming feeling while reading this book was that I really wanted to set that entire family on fire.  Poor Adeline to be stuck with those awful people.  Ioved that she wasn't some shrinking heroine who kinda wallowed in her victim-hood.  Instead she was defiant.  She was "If y'all are gonna treat me like shit, then I will wear that shit on my face and bring it to the dinner table!"


I didn't love-love this one as much as I did the first.  There was this really big climactic scene where a lot of secrets come out publicly and i thought it felt overdone and out of place for a book that had been up to that point rather good about how it was handling all of the various revelations about the characters.


But I massively enjoyed both Rock and Adeline together.  And I kinda clapped with glee when Diana gets her comeuppance.