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Unexpected Attraction

An Unexpected Attraction (Love Unexpected Book 3) - Delaney Diamond

This was a very good story. I really, really enjoyed it.

So why 3-stars? It was too short. And this isn't just a 'oh, I like longer books' rant. No, there was too much going on in this book for it to be this page length and none of it felt fully cooked.

There were some great relationships, friendships, soon-to-be-ex-friendships, romantic musical chairs and last minute bombshells roiling around in this story. All these things were juggled well in the book and I got completely immersed in all the personalities and plots. But I also felt shortchanged. None of them concluded to my satisfaction. So many of the balls being juggled still felt left up in the air.

Even the romance...again well done, but I still wanted them to explore each other more.

This was a very well written, very interesting, completely engaging book. But for what the author had going on it really need more pages to feel fully realized.

All that said, this author has quietly become one of my favorites