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Mistress of the Groom

Mistress of the Groom - Susan Napier

Lightning Review:


  • Jane interrupted the wedding of her best friend because...reasons
  • The Groom is rich and vengeful
  • Years later he vengefuls Jane right into bankruptcy and homelessness
  • But she is a Harlequin Heroine!  and She chin quivers with the best of them
  • Battle of wills ensue
  • Will he pimp her out to make a point?
  • Will she prostitute herself out of Pride?
  • WIll they give into the hot lust they feel for each other instead?
  • This a Harlequin romance so I am thinking...Duh!
  • But wait... he was all wrong about her...and she was all wrong about him.
  • Sometimes I wonder about what is considered romantic.
  • Some scenes were distasteful and makes me wonder why either of these two want each other or why we'd want to care about them.